Month: May 2018

Found Anew

This 4’x4′ canvas was another found one brought to me by my brother.  It had some serious thick stuff on it, clearly still visible in several places.  I liked it.  The thick parts really gave it some texture as I painted over it.

“Dusk Marsh” was painted on a piece of plywood.  I think it was something I had lying around, or was brought to me by my brother.  I avoid using this sort of material now as it can warp over time.  Eventually, this will need to be in a frame.

“The Force” is also on plywood.  But this is thick plywood.

“Drainpipe” was painted on a piece of a kitchen cabinet.

“Forest Galaxies” was painted on a canvas I found down the street from my house which had been thrown out.  I saw value in it, so I took it home, primed it, and started to work on it.  It had thick paint on it, some of which cuts through, but I made it my own.

This plant canvas was also a discarded canvas.  It had some holes in it which I just painted enough on both sides to seal up.  Then I took my chopstick to it, and there you go.

While it’s not ideal, wine boxes can be interesting to paint on.  I did a few “bonsai” tree paintings on some wine boxes which I used for planters.

This is a big heavy piece.  When my brother brought it by, I thought it was actual marble, but it’s some kind of plastic.  Very heavy and thick.  I had just bought a big tube of black paint and thought, why not, I’ll use all of it!  SQUISH!!

There are several more pieces which were done on “found” material.  Currently, I’m working on a series of faces on masonite boards which I believe were shelves at my brothers shop.  There’s about 24 of them.